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Fixed fee Non-fault divorce £250 plus VAT

By Rebecca Ashton - March 21st, 2023 Posted in Article

Here at Robert Simmons Solicitors, we offer a fixed fee for handling your divorce application. The process with ourselves is swift, easy and stress free. To start proceedings, we simply require your marriage certificate (a certified copy can be obtained if necessary from the Direct Gov website and we will assist you with this).

Since April 2022, the law changed which allows spouses to divorce without having to place blame at the door of one person or indeed wait for a period of separation. The new law allows for spouses to divorce as soon as they separate in an amicable and blameless way.

Your divorce will be handled from start to finish by our Head of Family, Rebecca Ashton. Our fixed fee allows you to manage the costs of you divorce application without worry. Our fixed fee for the divorce process from application through to final order of divorce is £250 plus VAT. This does not include the court fee which is payable to the court when we issue your divorce. The court fee is £593. Some parties are exempt from the court fee if they are on low income or in receipt of benefits. Rebecca will discuss whether you may be eligible for the relief to the court fee at the outset of your divorce.

In addition to fixed fees, Rebecca also offers an initial free half hour telephone meeting to discuss any family matters you require advice upon such as financial matters upon divorce or child arrangements upon separation. Please call our office to book a call with Rebecca.